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About Us

LiriCare is an exciting new online platform that empowers the purpose of nurturing the special needs community.

Most of the special needs community do not get the support they need because finding the right resources is complex and competitive.

LiriCare is an online platform for communities looking for candidates, professionals and special education teachers in the United States. We also help special education professionals like Speech Therapists, Occupational Therapists, Physical Therapists, Teachers, Behavioral Therapists looking for fulltime or parttime jobs.

We reward the therapist for being online and create a hub of resources so that the one who needs their services the most has the necessary support to unlock their potential.

Special Education is One of the most challenging forms of art.

While exploring Special Needs teachers and trainers online, we concluded that there was no reliable or better platform to find and connect with Special Needs Professionals. At LiriCare, as a Special Needs Professional, you can apply for multiple job openings, vacancies and much more.

Apart from finding new job opportunities, the therapists also get reward points every time your profile viewed, which can be redeemed as Gift Cards.

If you are searching for a special needs professionals, you can start exploring various candidates who are ranked based on their Profile Completion Percentage.

You can then decide to unlock the profile to connect to the therapist and opening up the possibility to hire special needs professional for your child, school or even a community.

We have created LiriCare to help solve the problems faced by recruiters and candidates when it comes to recruitment, finding the right candidate, finding the best jobs and more.