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LiriCare is an innovative platform to reach out thousands of extraordinary lives.

If you are a special needs professional or a candidate who’s on the lookout for a job catering to special needs children, then LiriCare is the platform you should be referring to.

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LiriCare is an online portal that helps bridge the gap between a special needs educator and special needs children.

We understand that special education could be very challenging and no matter what, there’s almost nothing that can make up for the efforts that put into nurturing and shaping a child for the world.

We’re making it easier for the special needs candidates to meet those who need them the most. Whether you’re looking for a permanent job or you’re on the lookout for freelance opportunities, LiriCare does that for you. Well that’s not all. On LiriCare, you get rewarded for simply posting your profile.

On LiriCare, you get rewarded for simply posting your profile. So whenever someone views your profile on LiriCare, you get rewarded.

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